How The Cleaning Products You’re Using May Be Causing A Hormone Imbalance

At this point, you’ve probably already heard that the toxins in our cleaning products are dangerous and we should opt for eco-friendly products whenever possible.

But do you know WHY we should be avoiding them?

I find that a lot of the time, people opt to use any cleaning product regardless of the toxins present in it are those that don’t actually understand the effect these harmful toxins have on our bodies.

Sure, many have probably heard that toxic cleaning products can cause cancer, down the road.

But then again, doesn’t everything cause cancer? If so, there’s not much we can do to prevent it, is there?

Well, yes and no.

It’s true that there are several other everyday household items we use that are exposing us to toxic chemicals that may or may not cause cancer, down the road, over a long period of time (or a much shorter period of time for some people).

Here are some excuses people use that justify the use of the more inexpensive, toxin-ridden cleaning products:

  • The health benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products don’t justify the cost.

  • Environmental factors are not that important and don’t impact me directly.

  • Everything causes cancer, so I’m not really helping myself if I stop using toxic cleaning chemicals. I’m going to die eventually anyway.

  • Cheaper cleaning products clean better than eco-friendly ones.

However, the truth is that the toxins in harmful cleaning products could also cause hormonal imbalances that are much more noticeable in the short term, and therefore have deleterious health effects that you have to live with for decades.

Hormonal imbalances that can affect both men and women can be exacerbated or caused by an overexposure to endocrine disruptors that are present in many cleaning products¹.

Endocrine disruptors act like hormones. Because they act like hormones, they interact with the hormones in our body and throw our entire endocrine system out of whack.⁵

One common side effect of endocrine disruptors entering our bloodstream is estrogen dominance. These endocrine disruptors mimic the hormone estrogen in our bodies and therefore result in excess levels of estrogen in our system.² Sometimes our system tries to overcorrect, which results in low levels of estrogen.

An excess of estrogen throws your other hormones out of whack, causing several health problems.

For example, in women, estrogen dominance results in lowered progesterone levels. Progesterone is a very important female hormone that is a prerequisite for fertility and many other female health factors.³

As a woman, you’re likely to experience some or all of the following symptoms when your progesterone is low:

  • Fatigue, mood swings, and irritability

  • Bloating

  • Irregular periods

  • Endometriosis

  • Infertility

  • Sugary food cravings

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

I know what some of you are thinking - estrogen is a female hormone so men can’t possibly suffer from estrogen dominance.

Absolutely they can! And it’s much more common in modern day society than you might think.

When a man’s estrogen levels go up, then his testosterone levels naturally go down.

You can imagine what an unnatural state of being this is for men, since testosterone is what gives men their “male” features, such as facial hair, increased muscle mass, and higher sex drive.⁴

The symptoms of excess estrogen in men include:

  • Enlarged prostate

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Low libido or impotence

  • Hair loss and thinning hair

  • Fatigue, mood swings, and irritability

Several studies have even shown that these endocrine disruptors cause reproductive and development problems in infants, which makes it even more important for pregnant mothers or households with infants to avoid exposure to these substances.⁶

Examples of endocrine disruptors include the following:

  • 2-butoxyethanol

  • Bisphenol A (BPA)

  • Pthalates

  • Fire retardants

  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs)

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

  • ...And more

Many of these chemicals have been banned in Europe yet they are still to be banned in the U.S. Furthermore, cleaning companies aren’t required to list the chemicals they use on their product packaging.

Some may think that it's not as important to avoid the substances in cleaning products because we’re not consuming them. As long as you avoid them in food, then you’ll be fine using them in cleaning products.

However, we often forget that the skin is the largest and most permeable organ in our entire body.

Furthermore, when we breathe in toxic substances, these particles get absorbed directly by our lungs and neighboring cells and organs.

So what I have to say to that is that avoiding toxic substances in cleaning products is at least as, or possibly even more, important as avoiding them in food.

When we consume substances our body recognizes as toxic, our liver works extra hard to excrete these substances from our body.

However, when these chemicals enter our body through our skin or lungs, they don’t get transported to the liver for detoxification like our food does. Instead, they can be absorbed directly by our organs and transported directly into our bloodstream.⁷

Many people today suffer from hormone imbalances despite the fact that they try to avoid processed food at all costs. It’s hard to understand why their health still suffers when they try to eat as healthy as possible.

Our everyday household products, like our cleaning products, are as much to blame for the explosion in hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease we’re seeing today.

If you or a loved one suffer from a hormone imbalance or autoimmune disease, and you’ve addressed your diet as much as possible, it’s time to take a look at the products on your cabinet shelves.

Always choose cleaning products that are eco-friendly and that disclose all the ingredients on the packaging, and when hiring a cleaning company for your household cleaning needs, ensure they use only eco-friendly cleaning products.

I can bet that as long as you eliminate these highly toxic substances and carcinogens from your products and your diet, you’ll see your health improve for the better.

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