The Accidental Environmentalist


Welcome to my very first blog post! I’ll start off with introducing myself and explaining how I got here, and then delve into the details about the purpose of this blog.

First of all I’d like to say, I’m super stoked about this blog! We, as a company, have so many ideas for this blog, and this is the perfect place to share our knowledge with the world and, hopefully one day, help change the world for the better.

My name is Mary Anne, and I’m a 30 year old female who currently works in a boring corporate finance job but has a huge passion for all natural and non-toxic products, especially homemade ones. I’ve been doing research for years about the harmful effects of chemicals and substances present in just about everything we use – food, cleaning supplies, makeup, detergents, containers, and even baby products.

I grew up in a family where most of our grocery shopping was done at ALDI. For those of you who don’t know what ALDI is, it’s a discount grocery store with primarily processed and packaged goods that are marked at bargain, discounted prices. To put it simply, our grocery store shopping choices weren’t so much about quality as they were about quantity (how far can that dollar go?).

My First Health Food Store Encounter

My love of all natural products started out when I was in college and I walked into my first all natural health food store. I felt like I had walked into a foreign food market, I had no idea what any of the stuff was (what did “gluten-free” mean?). Little did I know there were thousands of these types of shops across the world, and millions of health conscious consumers whose ranks I would soon join.

After discovering green, unprocessed foods and doing research on the harmful effects of processed brand name foods, I became obsessed with only buying the whole, USDA certified organic, unprocessed varieties. The problem, however, was that I was living on a meager college “salary”, which means I was using my student loans to finance my pricey grocery store purchases. Soon enough, I found out that I couldn’t sustain that kind of lifestyle and I soon reverted back to my packaged, processed, and sugar-laden food eating ways.

A New Obsession

Fast forward a few years – I was 27, had recently moved in with my boyfriend, and was making my own consumer and grocery store shopping decisions. I tried to eat whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible but, I’ll admit, I had my occassional – and very unhealthy – vices (hot Cheetos, anyone?).

I then came across a new obsession one day by accident as I was perusing the internet for home maintenance and decorating ideas…non-toxic home cleaning recipes. Hmm, could that stuff really work?

This came at the most opportune time as my boyfriend and I had just had an argument about my recent cleaning supply purchases. I had recently purchased over $200 worth of cleaning supplies. Yes, $200. That was not a typo. But, in my defense, the only cleaning products he owned was a near empty bottle of Fabuloso, Windex, and dollar store dishwashing soap, so can you blame me?

Over the course of the next few months, I began making my own cleaning supplies using recipes I found online and in books and I stopped buying the store bought versions. To put it simply, our home smelled amazing, and I had a newfound passion.

I also had peace of mind knowing that we weren’t breathing in or using toxic, harmful chemicals and that my pets could be left unattended without having to worry about them licking chemical-laden cleaner right off our freshly mopped floors.

As I continued with endless hours of research, I expanded my personal product line to include a glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, air freshener, and toilet bomb fizzies. This was the precursory to what eventually became ViriClean. In subsequent blog posts, I'll explain why we use only glass bottles for our concoctions.

You Can’t Have It All…But You Can Still Make a Difference

As I illustrated in my brief college story, organic whole foods are attractive, but they can be very expensive and sometimes there’s no way of getting around having to purchase the more inferior, non-organic fruit and veggies, especially if you have a large family or are struggling to make ends meet. However, at ViriClean we believe that you have far more control over the ingredients you use to clean your home. That's because there are several alternatives to commercial, potential toxic cleaners out there that are either similarly priced or cost just a few dollars extra, such as our ViriClean Multi-Purpose cleaner. And doesn't a healthier, safer home for you and your family justify those few extra dollars?

In future blog posts, we’ll review some all natural cleaning solutions and talk more about the potential side effects of commercial cleaning products and the toxins found in them. So stay tuned!

How about you? I’d love to hear your story about how you came across all natural cleaning and how it’s changed your life. Haven’t made the switch yet? What are some of your challenges? Please share below!