Our Story


The story of our company started with one mission - to find a cleaning product packaged in BPA-free and toxin-free containers instead of the toxic and hazardous plastic containers we've all become so accustomed to. The biodegradable and recycled plastic didn't cut it. Since we couldn't find any products that weren't packaged primarily in some kind of plastic, we decided to revolutionize the household cleaning industry by creating our own products that reduced the use of single-use plastic so harmful to our oceans and the ecosystem. At the same time, we wanted to deliver a service that was as close to plastic-free as possible that our customers could benefit from. 


When we thought about plastic alternatives, three other materials came to mind - aluminum, stainless steel, wood and glass. Aluminum was not our favorite, as it's been known to also contain BPA or leach toxins into contents over time. Stainless steel and wood seemed like viable options, but they weren't the best option as packaging for cleaning solutions since you can't see the contents from the outside. Glass, on the other hand, was transparent, easy to clean, endlessly reusable and recyclable, and it doesn't interact with any of the sensitive essential oils we use in our cleaning solutions. Glass has been used since before plastic was invented, and it remains one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging today.


Very few cleaning companies in Arizona are familiar with the ingredients contained in their own cleaning products. Many companies have been blamed of "greenwashing", which is when a company presents an environmentally responsible image but is actually making misleading claims about the supposed "eco-friendly" or "green" products they use.  At ViriClean, we conduct thorough research on cleaning ingredients and choose only the best plant-based and biodegradable ingredients and then hand-make all of our cleaning products from scratch. We ensure that when we use a product to clean, we're paying careful attention to chemical makeup, pH level, biodegradability, and the type of surface its intended to clean.  

The ingredients in our cleaning solutions include plant-based ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. We strongly believe in social responsibility, and are very passionate about protecting our homes and our planet from environmental toxins. Better yet, we offer competitive pricing in comparison to other eco-friendly cleaning services in the valley. We're also in the process of bringing our cleaning products to market so that everyone can benefit from our eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

 We take your feedback on our products' look, feel, and scent very seriously, as well as on the delivery of our on-site cleaning services. We consider our client feedback as the foundation to becoming one of the best cleaning companies in the world, and we invite you on our journey to achieving this goal.


*As a plastic-driven society, there are certain limitations to products or tools we use that are only found in plastic material, such as our bottle spray nozzles. We have yet to find a spray nozzle that isn't made of plastic; however, we're committed to continuing our search. Any plastic we do use is used and reused until the end of its lifecycle, and then purposefully recycled to prevent further littering of our landfills and oceans.