Terms & Conditions for Residential Cleaning



I understand that my card will automatically be charged a $50 cancellation fee if for any reason I cancel my service less than 12 hours before the scheduled appointment time. 

I agree to make arrangements ahead of time to make the property accessible to ViriClean at the time of my scheduled service or otherwise pay the $50 cancellation fee should ViriClean be unable to access the property on the date and time of my appointment.

Agreement to pay

I agree to pay the "Total Price" listed above after my scheduled cleaning service has been completed. I understand that my card will automatically be charged for the "Total Price" shown above unless I choose to pay my ViriMaid in person by cash or check during my scheduled cleaning. If I pay by cash or check in person, my card will no longer be assessed the "Total Price" shown above.

I understand that in the event I choose to pay my ViriMaid in person instead of electronically by card, I assume the risk for cash or checks that may be misplaced, lost, or stolen and that ViriClean will not in any way be held responsible. In addition, in the event I choose to assume the risk and pay my ViriMaid in person, I will still be responsible for paying the "Total Price" shown above if any cash or checks I meant to be delivered in person to my ViriMaid are misplaced, lost or stolen in the process. 

Changes to my booking

I understand that if I choose to make changes to the services I chose, I must notify ViriClean before my scheduled appointment. I also understand that if ViriClean is not notified of my desired changes, then the services listed above will be completed and my card charged the full  "Total Price" amount shown above.

In addition, ViriClean will attempt to notify me first by phone, then my email, of any necessary changes to my appointment, and in the event that ViriClean is unable to reach me, may choose to make reasonable appointment changes without my consent.