Thank You For Booking With ViriClean!


Tips To Prepare For Your Upcoming Appointment

Read our tips below to be fully prepared once your ViriMaids arrive.


Move all furniture and large items

For liability and safety reasons, our maids are unable to move furniture and larger items. Make sure if you want your maid to clean behind the sofa, for example, that it's moved ahead of time.


Move pets to a safe and enclosed area

We love furry animals as much as you do, which is why we want to make sure they're as safe as possible while we clean. Please make sure your furry ones are moved to a safe and enclosed location before your appointment.

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Make property accessible on the day of service

Make arrangements ahead of time to make the property accessible to your assigned ViriMaid(s) on the day of service. If for any reason we're unable to access the property at your scheduled time, we may cancel your appointment and charge a cancellation fee.

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Prepare payment

Whether you're paying by cash or card, make sure there are enough funds in your account on the day of service or, if paying by cash, that cash payment is ready when your ViriMaid(s) arrive.


Read our FAQs

 Browse through our online FAQs for answers to popular questions about our cleaning service.


Let us know about allergies

Please contact us regarding any allergies or sensitivities to cleaning products you or your family members may have so we can prepare ahead of time.

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Check your text messages on the day of service

We'll send you a text message once your assigned ViriMaid(s) are on the way to the property. To opt out of text notifications, contact us.

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Check your email for updates

We just sent you an email confirming your appointment. We'll also send you a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. You can also cancel or reschedule your appointment through these emails.


Contact us regarding service changes

Please contact us at minimum 12 hours before your appointment if you'd like to make changes to your service selections, such as adding or removing Extras.